Places to Visit in Yudanaka

There are many places to visit and do activities while you stay with us in Yudanaka Onsen. For more information on what Yudanaka has to offer and on greater area, please visit Yamanouchi Official website.

Monkey Park "Jigokudani Yaen Koen"

- 45min from our ryokan
Yudanaka Onsen area is famous for the wild monkeys (Japanese macaque) taking onsen bath. They are often seen relaxing in natural hot springs during the winter. They are seen at the monkey park called Jigokudani Yaen Koen. Walking on the forest trail, it takes about 30min from the starting point Kambayashi to the park. We offer transportation service to the Kambayashi. Please note there is no pick-up service.

Shibu Onsen old street

- 1min from our ryokan
You will feel the atmosphere of a Japanese onsen village. The cobblestone lanes are surrounded by traditional wooden ryokan. For strolling the little town, we recommend that that you wear yukata (light cotton kimono) to take a walk.